3 Fast Tricks to Turn Your Table Into a Tablescape

3 Fast Tricks to Turn Your Table Into a Tablescape

Sometimes a visit with friends turns into an invitation to a meal. And this summer, as we reconnect, there will be a lot of spontaneous parties.

Here are a few simple tricks to turn your meal into a party: 

First: choose a tablecloth or placemats that you love and dishes to match. 

Second: match the color from your placemats or tablecloth with what you have in candles, bowls, flowers or fruit. For example, we love yellows and pulled a yellow ceramic mixing bowl and piled it with green apples for a yellow and green centerpiece. Don't have fresh flowers? Small potted plants work on the table as well. The trick for a tablescape is creating different heights and focal points. Baskets and cake stands can both be used to put food on the table and create visual appeal. 

Third: use napkins to add an extra pop of style or color. Simply laying a cloth napkin on your plate adds color and interest and takes the meal from everyday to a party. Cloth napkins are beautiful and they are environmental friendly.

How to prepare for spontaneity 
Having a few go-to items for a tablescape provides you the freedom to feel ready for wherever the day takes you. Something as simple as a stack of cloth napkins and a few baskets and bowls can help you set a great table. 





  • Shirley Orr

    Are sunshine yellow placemats available?

  • Susan Wood

    Just so beautiful,elegant ,do you have fall and Christmas items ?

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