Do you know what size tablecloth you need?

Do you know what size tablecloth you need?

When it comes to tablecloth length, a short drop is considered more casual while a longer drop is more formal. In our opinion, as long as the tablecloth is not too small, any length you love works. Do you want to figure out your ideal length? See our handy measurement guide below.

How much drop do you want on your tablecloth? Six inches is standard, but you may want floor length which is 30 inches on most standard tables. 

For a round table; measure the width of your round table. Calculate how much drop you would like and multiply by 2. This will give you the ideal tablecloth size.

For a rectangle measure the length + the drop (x2) and the width + the drop (x2)

tip: 6-10 inches is informal in the US.

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round table with tablecloth size guide to choose the right size tablecloth



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