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5 Tips For a Memorable Dinner Party

Dinner parties are back after more than a year of social distancing. In most places, we can now safely enjoy small gatherings. If you're feeling a little rusty on your party planning skills, here are 5 tips to make your next dinner party memorable. 


Tip 1: Create a Guest List

Knowing who will be at your party will set the tone and help you decide all the other elements of the party. It's also a great time to note any food preferences that may effect your meal planning. 


Tip 2: Pick a Theme

Dinner parties are fun all on their own but they are even better with a theme—because planning becomes simpler. When food, décor, entertainment and invitations all tie together, you can't go wrong.

A few theme ideas to help you:


• Tacos & Margaritas

• Backyard BBQ

• Taste of Italy, Spain, France or India

• Tapas & Cocktails

• Sushi Extravaganza 


• Hawaiian Luau

• Backyard Bohemian

• Floral Garden Party

• TV show themes like Bridgerton


Tip 3: Plan Your Menu

Passed or plated dishes? How much can you prep ahead or will you be cooking?


Tip 4: Choose Drinks

Do you want a signature cocktail, full bar, or wine? How about a mocktail? Plan for water and soft drinks too.


Tip 5: Set a Budget

Every party planner sets a budget even if the sky seems the limit. This will also help you plan for all your future parties. 


Bonus Tip: Visualize

Imagine arriving at your own party. Where do you put your purse or jacket? Do you make your own drink or is it ready? Where are you sitting? Is there music playing? After you visualize the whole experience, you'll know if there is something you've missed in the planning.


And don't forget the music! Music can make a party. We asked our good friend, professional singer and consummate hostess Charissa Nielsen if she would share one of her favorite playlists for a party. She created a Spotify playlist for us - just click here


Cheers to your next party!

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